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Residential Dementia Care

Windmill Lodge offers a safe, secure and responsive environment to support those who are living with dementia.

The purpose-built facility has dementia at the forefront of its design, allowing those with cognitive impairments to have a smooth transition into high-quality dementia care.

Each day made brighter

Our team of professional carers are available 24 hours a day to assist residents. Whether they need a helping hand with minimal personal care or require greater levels of support, Windmill Lodge adapts its care services to suit its residents, providing a truly person-centred approach.

Relaxing and, harmonious features combined with colour specific areas and easily identifiable signage make life at Windmill Lodge easy for those living with dementia. Residents are able to familiarise themselves with their environment with these simple touches, consequently helping residents to live more independently.

Windmill Lodge is able to provide a community where residents can share interests and benefit from companionship with those who also require similar levels of support and care.

To ensure that our residents’ transition from their home to the Lodge is as seamless as possible, our team guide both residents and their families through every step of the process.

Tailored, one-to-one care is of great importance at the Lodge, so our expert team takes the time and shows great compassion when getting to know each residents’ passions, interests and fond family memories. This also ensures the correct level of care is matched perfectly to residents’ needs.

Just as you would at home, residents are encouraged to display personal photographs and momentos around the lodge. This enhances the friendly, welcoming atmosphere as well as encouraging reminiscence and conversation of happy memories. These simple touches also help alleviate the typical symptoms of dementia such as agitation, depression and anxiety.

To ensure that both mental and physical wellbeing is maintained while living at Windmill Lodge, our Activities and Wellbeing Team hold an exciting itinerary of fun and meaningful activities to get residents engaged and involved. We work hard to ensure these are tailored to residents’ preferences and abilities.

Nolan Day Care Centre

Nolan Day Care Centre

At Windmill Lodge we offer a Day Care Centre service, available to people living with dementia who would benefit from daytime services and company, but who don’t require overnight care. The Nolan Day Care Centre provides tasty and nutritional breakfasts, lunch, snacks and drinks. Additionally, a wide variety of optional activities are offered. We aim

Residential Care

Residential Care

Our Residential Care package is ideal for residents who have made the conscious choice to live within a care home community and would like the peace of mind of having support available if and when they need it. Residents can benefit from having easy access to visiting external professionals, such as GPs and chiropodists, in

Dementia Nursing Care

Dementia Nursing Care

Dementia nursing care is typically for those who require more intensive support and monitoring from medically trained professionals. Our teams are led by registered mental health nurses, who specialise in dementia care, to assess and monitor residents’ changing needs in line with their established care plans and best practices.

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